Your Hair is the Mirror of Your Personality

A person’s hairstyle is believed to be an expression of one’s personality. Curly-haired individuals are alleged to have twisted minds, carefree and cheerful personality. On the other hand, people with straight hair are assumed to be dominant, organized and serious type.

How about those individuals who use their best flat iron and crimpers or curling iron to change their hairstyle? Does it follow that when they change the way their hair looks, their personality also changes? The query sounds funny and childish yet it makes sense.

Personality is a group of traits and behaviors that define what kind of person you are. It can be innate but mostly it is developed throughout someone’s growth and development as a person. It might appear constant but it can be modified by the person himself. Besides, traits and behaviors are likely to be improved only when they seem unhealthy for yourself and other people.

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